Local Offer and SENCO

Local Offer

What is the local offer?
The local offer give families with children or young people with special educational needs or disabilities information about what support services the local authority think will be available in their local area.

We may need to consult with outside agencies to get the best support for each individual child. Outside agencies may include the following:-

  • GP’s
  • Social Services
  • Family Information Service
  • Speech and Language
  • Health Visitor

Children who need extra help can be identified by:-

  • Concerns from a parent / carer or staff members.
  • Observations made by the staff in the setting such as tracking progress, changes in their behaviour, speech and language or social concerns.
  • Information from outside agencies.

Special Educational Needs and
Disability Co-Ordinator

Our designated Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator is Chelsea Grimshaw.

We welcome children with special educational needs and disabilities as part of our community and we aim to provide a welcoming environment for them and their families.
We provide all children with a safe, secure and stimulating environment and learning opportunities within the framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
We recognise the importance of early identification and assessment of children with special educational needs and disabilities. This is particularly important in the early years education. We will develop all practices and procedures, which will aim to ensure that all children’s needs, are identified and assessed and the curriculum will be planned to meet their needs.

If you have any concerns about your child please speak to any member of staff. We have our full policy on our information board in the setting for you to read, along with other relevant information.