We are part of the Local Education Authority Early Years Development Partnership.

Three and four year olds will be entitled to fifteen hours nursery education free of charge for thirty eight weeks the term AFTER their third birthday.

Term Time offer is 15 hours over 38 weeks.

1st Sep – 31st Dec       ………………………… Funding from January
​1st Jan – 31st March    ………………………… Funding from April
​1st April – 31st August ………………………… Funding from September  

Two Year Old Funding – 15 hours

Government funding places are available. There is a criteria for the 2 year funding so not all families will be entitled to this funding. All eligible two year olds are able to access their childcare place the term after their 2nd birthday.

For more information on 2 year funding please contact Tameside Families Information Service 0161-342-4260.

Three & Four Year Old Funding – 15 hours

All children aged three and four years old are eligible for 15 hours free funding. Children are able to access this funding the term after their 3rd birthday and it stops once your child starts reception class.

Three & Four Year Old Funding – 30 hours

If the parent/carer fits the extra 15 hours criteria your free entitled funding can equate to 30 hours. You need to apply the term before their child meets the age criterion to ensure they can access a place at the start of the term after your child turns 3 years of age – if not, you will need to wait until the following term to access your full 30 hours. You will be given an eligibility code this needs to be passed on to the setting as soon as you receive it.


We charge a non-returnable registration fee of £10.00. This covers all administration cost also including a t-shirt with our logo on. We offer individual flexible childcare tailored to the parent/carers needs. For more information regarding fees please speak to our team based in the office.