Extra-Curricular Activities


During our term we invite zoolab to the setting where they can offer first-hand experience of a variety of insects / bugs. The children can observe and learn about how insects live and grow and their habitats. This in term will enable the children to have a greater understanding and appreciation for living things and their natural environment.


We feel that it is important for children to experience a sense of calmness. During yoga the children build on their muscle strength and enhance their concentration. They also learn and develop relaxation techniques teaching children to be present in the moment within a harmonious learning environment.


During our spring term we have connections with eggsploring. This allows the children to experience the chicks hatch while developing an understanding of growth. Once the chicks have hatched the children use their kind hands to hold the chicks carefully also helping to feed, clean and look after them while they are in our care.


Dance is a good source of fun and allows children to be creative. During dance children develop a wide range of movement enhancing their spacial awareness. Improving their co-ordination skills allowing the children to express their thoughts and feelings. Whilst learning the importance of a healthy lifestyle. To enhance these areas of dance we have Melody Bear that comes to the setting incorporating different themes throughout the term.


We have a football coach who comes into the setting each week. The aim of this activity is to provide fun, imagination and also encourages them to work as a team. This session enables the children to gain control over the ball including kicking, throwing or catching it. The children are able to run skilfully and negotiate space successfully, adjusting speed or direction to avoid obstacles. This enables them to develop their gross motor skills, balance and listening skills.